Living The Connected World…

Drilling in the past
A well known experience that probably everyone had already: You're searching for one thing and find another. While I was
The Transcription Stint for Coterminus
It could have been so easy: Handing over 70 mp3-files to an agency and have them transcribing all the conversations for
Coterminus project kicking off!
The heat is on! After months of preparation, thinking, testing, structuring, researching and website developing, I
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History In A Nutshell

I have spent 34 years in the information technology world as an author, in various international management positions in channel marketing, product marketing, business development and strategic sales management; during the last 16 years with a strong focus on IT-/information security: At Symantec, I was in charge oft he green field development of strategic alliances in EMEA which acted as a blue print for the global roll out. I also served in the advisory board of Comsec and was lately instrumental in the turnaround oft the security business unit at CA Technologies as a Director Solution Sales EMEA. Currently, I work as a founder and director at TecHarbor B.V..

In the past four years, I have dedicated significant efforts to all aspects of social media in the business space, with a strong focus on use cases, monetization, information security and privacy protection. For this subject, I've been a founding member and regular contributor to the social media workgroup at the German BITKOM which has recently been renamed to "Digital Trends". I'm also a member of the German Cyber Security Allianz and serve on the advisory board of the Web 3.0 startup semcona which is revolutionizing the online advertising space by allowing contextual advertising with up to 4 times CTR while unconditionally adhering to GDPR. Last not least, I'm a founder of the i-val network of seasoned IT professionals.

I'm a regular speaker on information security- and social media-events where I focus on the business enabling nature of information security. As an author, I'm currently working on my fifth book: Coterminus.

Focus In A Nutshell

After having spent a significant amount of time in various functions in the IT-world, it is about time to recollect the experience from the last 34 years in that arena and connect the dots for a more holistic view on this industry. It seems as if I might close the loop and ultimately go back to where I've started: Writing books. Two book projects bug me for years now. Both of them with a strong connection to business and IT.

  • The first project "Coterminus" will shed some light on our digital existence and how that plays along with our physical limits. How do things come to an end? Do they actually come to an end? The physical side for sure, that much we know.
  • The second book will shed some light on how particularly US companies conduct business in Europe. This, of course, with a twinkle in my eyes. However, considering the current events, that twinkle might turn into a sour one…

The work on my first book has been kicked off on 1-MAR-17. The blog "Coterminus" is live since November and slowly gaining speed. The second book which is actually my pet project, will likely be kicked off mid of 2019. It will also start with a blog to collect ideas and anecdotes. Stay tuned!

Another project I'm currently kicking off will focus on the wonderful place of Porto Pollo on Sardegna and here mostly around windsurfing.

Business wise, I'll stay in the security discipline with TecHarbor, try to be a good father to my baby "Smart Relevance Advertising" brought into the market by relemind and further support moresophy by getting even further ahead of competition for contextual classification in cooperation with PWC.