Living The Connected World…

I learnt that it is extremely hard work to create joy
I was introduced to classical music very early on at the „Staatstheater Augsburg” (formerly
Painful Privacy
Painful Privacy As an avid fighter and one of the last two people on earth believing in privacy, I tend to always go
Drilling in the past
A well known experience that probably everyone had already: You're searching for one thing and find another. While I was
The Transcription Stint for Coterminus
It could have been so easy: Handing over 70 mp3-files to an agency and have them transcribing all the conversations for
Coterminus project kicking off!
The heat is on! After months of preparation, thinking, testing, structuring, researching and website developing, I

Now in a nutshell

Currently, I'm working on 3 major projects:

„HUB Security”
I've joined the wonderful Cybersecurity-Team under „Henk van der Heijden” in order to bring the next generation Cybersecurity to market. Confidential Computing will change the way we are dealing with cyber threats!

„Coterminus - Nach mir die digitale Sintflut?”
A book project that has already been more than two years in the making: Care about digital leftovers? What happens to your digital heritage if you can't take care of it anymore? It's a bit overdue but „…wächst und gedeiht mit Hürden”.

We're a network of seasoned and experienced IT professionals from various backgrounds, profiles and interests. Our informal partnership is purely based on trust, integrity, respect and the mutual interest in generating incremental value for the clients of each partner.

I'm also contributing to the „Meister-Blog” of my dear friends at „Meister”! Here is my first contribution: „How to Do a Life Review Using a Mind Map”. And the second: „Es geht auch einfach – CRM mit MeisterTask”. Under this flag, I also co-author a paper (was planned as a blogpost but went positively out of control) with „Maike van den Boom”, the wonderful bestselling author of „Wo geht’s denn hier zum Glück?…” and „Acht Stunden mehr Glück:…” where we connect happiness with cyber security. Sounds weired? It is. Not!

Then in a nutshell

Some things that I consider pet projects:

Human Centricity

Content in context

Content aware IAM
As a natural successor to the project "contextual classification of legacy data at rest", IAM needs to be made content aware. This goes along with concept such as Know Your Customer („KYC”) and Consumer Identity Access Management („CIAM”).

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