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Now in a nutshell

Currently, I'm working on 4 major projects:

A book project that has already been a year in the making: Care about digital leftovers? What happens to your digital heritage if you can't take care of it anymore?

TecHarbor B.V.
In 2013, Henk van der Heijden, Hans Wetstejin and I founded TecHarbor B.V. in Rotterdam. Together with Covertix, a cybersecurity firm from Israel, we've brought their IRM suite "SmartCipher" to the European market.

semcona GmbH
As a technology service provider semcona markets an innovative, interest-driven targeted marketing solution that will revolutionize the advertising industry. The proprietary, high-performance semantic software sets a new benchmark for the delivery of privacy-compliant, targeted online marketing materials. We are the first to fully comply with GDPR, since we store neither cookies nor personal data. Our targeting solution (SRA = "Smart Relevance Advertising") extracts the needs and interests of users in real time within milliseconds of their current search, and delivers appropriate marketing material in response. I'm also contributing to the semcona blog: HUB-Conference, Götterdämmerung im Online Markt, EIC 2017: GDPR, GDPR, GDPR!

We're a network of seasoned and experienced IT professionals from various backgrounds, profiles and interests. Our informal partnership is purely based on trust, integrity, respect and the mutual interest in generating incremental value for the clients of each partner. Currently, I'm also contributing to the blog of my dear friends at Meisterlabs! My first contribution has just been published: How to Do a Life Review Using a Mind Map. The next is in the works.

Then in a nutshell

Future projects are mainly based upon the current work with a few additions:

Information Rights Management (IRM)
There are two main goals around IRM that I'm pursuing:

  1. Convincing more clients to implement Covertix as an IRM solution that keeps them out of the Microsoft vendor lock and provides them with a real 4-eyes principle based data protection solution. This is particularly important in the EU with GDPR approaching quickly.
  2. Enriching the SmartCipher IRM suite with the content based, self learning contextual classification engine of Moresophy in order to complement the current mechanics/information around AD, roles, responsibilities, geo location, behavior and other relevant metadata and algorithms.

Content in context
Further develop relevant use cases around our semantic engine in:

  • Content Classification
  • Smart Relevance Optimization = "SRO"
  • Smart Relevance Advertising = "SRA"
  • Smart Relevance Research = "SRR"
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